Garda Vetting Application Procedure:

Any Teacher working with children or vulnerable adults will be obliged by law to have a Garda Vetting Certificate. You will also be obliged to ensure that any person working on your behalf/employed by you to work with children or vulnerable adults has been Garda Vetted. To Apply:

  1. Complete the downloaded application form and return it by post to: AIDT, Teach Cora, Market St., Corofin, Co. Clare. When completing addresses where you have resided, approx. dates (just the year) will suffice.  Please provide a telephone number and email address with a new application.
  2. Attach a copy of your passport to the application (certified by your local Garda).
  3. Forms received by AIDT will be forwarded online to NVB.
  4. Certification will be issued to the applicant by AIDT on receipt of clearance being received from NVB.
  5. Garda Vetting Certification is required to be renewed every five years.
  6. Garda Vetting Fee is €100.  Request bank details for bank transfer, otherwise cheque or postal order is accepted.

This service is available to all teachers involved in any form of Dance and other people working with children who require Garda Vetting.

All dealings with the AIDT are in the strictest confidence.