Clare Senior Irish Dancing & Open Championships 2014


VENUE: West County Hotel, Ennis, Co. Clare

DATE: Monday 27th October 2014

Age Groups for Seniors are as follows:

  • Group A under 21 years;
  • Group B under 25 years;
  • Group C under 30 years;
  • Group D under 35 years;
  • Group E under 40 years;
  • Group F over 40 years
  • A Dancer must be 19 years of age in 2014 to qualify to dance in Senior Competitions.



Dances in Beginner Grade in all age groups:

Reel, Light Jig, Slip Jig, Single Jig, Treble Jig,  Traditional Hornpipe  (32 bars in each),   St. Patricks Day   (Set on right foot only)

Dances in Primary Grade in all age groups:

Reel, Light Jig, Slip Jig, Single Jig, Treble Jig, Hornpipe  (32 bars in each dance, Slow or Fast speed for Jig and Hornpipe),   Blackbird  (Set on right foot only)

Entry Fee for Beginner and Primary Solos:  €5 each

Intermediate Championship in all age groups:

Reel or Slip Jig  (32 bars)   Jig or Hornpipe (32 bars)  Traditional Set of choice  (Set on right foot only)

To qualify for intermediate championship: Dancers are required to be intermediate grade for the dance or a  lower  grade.

Open Championship in all age groups:  Reel (40 bars) or Slip Jig (32 bars) & Jig (40 bars) or Hornpipe (32 bars)  Traditional Set of choice (Set on right foot only)   Modern Set of choice.

Solo results in each dance for Open and Intermediate Championship and an overall Championship result.     Entry Fee  Intermediate Championship €25   Open Championship €30.

Figures:  8 hand ceili dance of choice   €5 per dancer (two dancers below age of 19 years allowed in team)

 A dancer must be 19 years in this year 2014 to qualify to compete in Senior Competitions   Regardless of number entered competition will be run.

Age Groups for Open Championships are as follows: Under 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18.


Under 8 Championship:  Reel  (48 bars)  Light Jig (48 bars)  Single Jig (48 bars)  Entry Fee €25.

Under 10 Championship:  Reel (48 bars)  Jig (48 bars)  St Patricks Day (Set Right and Left foot)  Entry € 25.

Under 12/14/16/18 Championship:  Reel  (48 bars) or Slip Jig (40 bars)  &  Jig (48 bars) or Hornipe (40 bars)  Traditional Set of choice (Set Right Foot only)   Modern Set of choice (will be danced by all competitors)

Solo Result in each dance and an overall championship result    Entry fee  €30

All competitors in Open Championships will be required to dance their modern set dance. As a result number of entries will be limited and entries will be closed when quota of dancers is reached, otherwise

CLOSING  DATE  FOR  ENTRIES  IS  22nd October 2014

Contact Cora at 086 2213219 or or through this website link if you have any further queries.

To have your entry confirmed please forward it by email to or by post to AIDT Summerville, Ballaghboy, Doora, Ennis, Co. Clare.

Payment will be accepted by post, cheque or postal order or you can lodge payment directly to the bank account… details of account can be obtained on request.